Recovery • Creativity • Spirituality

Psychotherapy for people dealing with addiction, health challenges, grief, and those wanting to cultivate more creativity and spirituality in their every day lives.

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_You are the hero of your own story._- J

Regardless of our current life situation or health, each day offers opportunities for serenity, peace, and even joy. But serious challenges can come up making this ideal difficult to achieve.


Sometimes, and especially during serious illness or addiction, we need to mourn the loss of what we once had, accept physical reality exactly as it is now, and then explore new ways of successfully bringing healthy pleasure and enjoyment back into every day life.


In my work with hospice patients, the homeless, and people facing serious addiction and health challenges, I have witnessed first hand how, regardless of external factors, people can cultivate a sense of serenity even in the midst of major external challenges.

With the right practical psychological tools, it's possible to bring a sense of enjoyment back into the simple routines of daily life. It's often not easy, but it's possible.



Recovery can be defined as returning. Sometimes this is a rerun of something that’s been lost, like joy and creativity. Or it can be a return to a previous state of serenity. After we’ve been a caregiver, dealt with a serious illness or addiction, or experienced grief, recovery becomes about returning to our core self, the self that existed before the pain -  but always with the added wisdom and depth born in the experience.

• Care-Giving

Caring for someone with an illness, or caring about someone with an addiction, can seem overwhelming. Working in the caregiving profession as a therapist, coach, nurse, doctor, or other helper can also take its toll on our own well being. Caring for ourselves when a loved one or patient is in pain can seem difficult or impossible. Yet in times like this, self-care is not only vital, it is one of the most selfless and giving things we can do for those we're caring for.


• Medical Illness

When facing a serious illness or dealing with chronic pain, life can take on a unique set of challenges. Self-care becomes vital to emotional health. Yet self care can be challenging since sometimes, the things that previously brought pleasure and joy are no longer physically possible. In therapy, it’s appropriate to do honest grief work for the loss of life as it was, while also moving forward with optimism about what’s still possible with the life we have.

• Addiction

Addiction can be baffling. Addicts do all sorts of things they would never normally do; addiction tears into the very core of life. After a person puts down the problematic substance or behavior, deep self-forgiveness is part of the inner healing journey as we make room for a creative, vibrant and sober life to emerge.

• Grief

Grief can feel like a dark, paralyzing cloud that will never lift. It can be hard to even function after the loss of a person, relationship, or situation which we hold dear. Nothing hurts so much as the loss of a loved one. Working through this process in therapy can help us continue with our own life, as difficult as that may seem.



Creativity is natural for human beings. Some define themselves as artists, some do not. Regardless, we are all creative. Sometimes life situations can block our creativity. Whether it’s illness, addiction, grief, or just the daily routines of a busy life, psychotherapy can help uncover new ways of bringing the pure joy and adventure of creativity back into our lives.


Spirituality is a deeply personal experience and is not about a prescribed set of religious beliefs. Through therapy, a unique spiritual experience - however you define that for yourself - is able to emerge. As the "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous says, there are probably as many different types of spiritual experiences as there are people who have had them. 

• Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology is a specific approach to therapy that's about becoming fully grounded and successful in this life, right here, right now. Spiritual Psychology is an approach using evidence based interventions that help align our minds, emotions, and behaviors. Often our thoughts don’t match our behavior, resulting in a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes we have a strong intellectual understanding of our problems, but the problems continue in the form of anxiety, depression, or addiction. By intentionally aligning our thoughts and behaviors, our emotions calm and we begin to connect with something beyond ourselves. We are able to live more fully from our authentic self, or "soul" level. We uncover our own unique creativity and spirituality and live lives more filled with meaning and a sense of purpose.