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  • Robert Kirk Donaldson, LMFT

One Minute Retreat

Sometimes when life gets stressful or things seem overwhelming, taking even one minute to step away from our tasks and go inside ourselves can refresh us and bring us back into the moment. I offer this video from Ocean Beach in San Diego as a way to facilitate your own personal one minute retreat. I encourage you to step away from your mind, focus on your breath, and just notice the sensations in your body as you watch. You might consider adding a simple breathing meditation like the one below as you watch.

Breathing in, I know

I am breathing in.

Breathing out, I know

I am breathing out.

Breathing in, my breath grows deep.

Breathing out, my breath goes slowly.

Breathing in, I feel calm.

Breathing out, I feel ease.

Breathing in, I smile.

Breathing out, I release.

Dweling in the present moment.

I know it is a wonderful moment.

-Thich Nhat Hanh, from "The Blooming of a Lotus"

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